How to spark more innovation in your business with these 6 ‘I’s®

Managing cash flow, hiring new employees, delivering top quality customer service, these and many others, occupy the minds of small business owners. Innovate? That is number 50 on the To Do list, when headspace allows. Yet innovation, creating value out of ideas that are new to you – is the only way to ensure you are relevant for every stage of your company’s growth. Innovation is not just about new, new ideas – or radical technologies, you can innovate in [...]

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Are men really more innovative than women?

Having just joined the 50s Club, I was excited to be asked to write an article for a site that focuses on being fabulous after 50! Particularly, when it was on my topic of expertise, innovation, and posed such a provocative title. First of all, we need to broaden out the concept of what it means to be innovative. Being an inventor, and being an innovator are not necessarily the same thing, and whilst men dominate the STEM (science, technology, [...]

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12 Asian innovators celebrated in this year’s Maserati 100

The entrepreneurs recognised by this year's Maserati 100 in The Sunday Times are essentially innovators - from start ups and beginners to founders who have scaled heights of the FTSE 100 and 250. The list has been first time open to public nominations and innovation has been the key focus (The People's Choice). As times change, many are frustrated that people don't view innovation as part of the bigger picture. Natalie Turner, author of Yes, You Can Innovate, a practical [...]

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What Kind of Innovator Are you?

It has been said that we are entering the decade of the female entrepreneur with one in ten women now wanting to start their own business. Yet, we all know that having an idea is often the easy part, in fact, those that are good at having new ideas can effortlessly generate thirty or forty before breakfast. The harder part is how do we move from idea land into creating something that has a tangible and sustainable value and outcome? [...]

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Why is innovation important?

How to create ideas and make them happen. I was excited to open a large parcel. Inside, there were five large green boxes. My starter kit for my MBA programme had arrived. Little did I know that 23 years later, I would be running my own business in Singapore having worked in a range of jobs, industries and sectors across the corporate, political, NGO and start-up world. […]

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Natalie Turner: Unlocking Potential and Inspiring Innovation

As markets change and technologies continue to disrupt all we take for granted, what we see as breakthrough innovation today, will pale into insignificance tomorrow. The most important human survival skill will be our ability to consistently create value out of new ideas. […]

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