Yes, You Can Innovate is more than just a book, it is a movement to help people around the world get better at making new ideas happen in times of change and uncertainty.

The book is a practical how to guide. It will help you to understand the process and the skills required to innovate and help you to think through how to cultivate and implement innovative ideas, for yourself and in your organisation.

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What people are saying about “Yes, You Can Innovate”

“A rarity – a practical approach to innovation. There are many academic texts on innovation but this is that rare phenomenon – a book that helps everyone to apply principles every day. And even better, it has been tried and tested in global institutions.”

Professor Steven Myint, Senior Fellow A*Star/Chairman of Innovations Exchange

“The 6 ‘I’s of Innovation® is a simple yet powerful framework for planning, executing and delivering innovation in any organisation.  Natalie’s book is an essential companion on any innovator’s bookshelf!”

Charlie Ang, Founding President, The Innovators Institute and Ambassador, SingularityU, Singapore

“Practical and packed with compelling studies and useful tools. If innovation matters to you – and it should – read this book with a highlighter in hand!”

Scott Anthony, Managing Partner, Innosight, and author of The Little Black Book of Innovation and The First Mile

“Natalie Turner’s extensive experience shines through in this empowering manual for anyone looking to create and embrace change. Start using it now to identify your own strengths for innovation, amplify these with the right mindset, and build stronger partnerships.”

Anna Simpson, author of The Innovation-Friendly Organization and Chief Innovation Coach at Flux Compass

“A very practical guide that will enable you and your organisation bring innovation to life.  Yes, You Can Innovate is packed full of activities, tools, and resources that will help you to improve your innovation processes and culture.”

Christi Novomesky, Innovation Manager , Kellogg Company

“An essential primer for innovation success, with the tools to get your idea right, the necessary skills and behaviours for the journey, and the critical factors for creating an impact.  Whether a start-up business or an established company, Yes, You Can Innovate will make your innovation succeed.”

Pamela Hamilton, Author of The Workshop Book and Managing Director of Workshop Cookbook

“Innovation is a survival skill in today’s disruptive world. Natalie’s book dispels the myth that innovation is the purview of the exceptional among us and a fascinating read in putting structure to many things that I have known instinctively or acquired through experience. It is a life skill that can and should be learnt and cultivated. This book is the key to unlocking your inner innovator.”

Denise M. Morris Kipnis, MSOD, Founder & Principal, Change Flow Consulting

“People in organisations are hungry for ways to become more innovative, whether it is in their product or service delivery, or in their ways of working. This is the practical guide that they, and the consultants that work with them, have been waiting for.”

Lavinia Thanapathy, President, PrimeTime Business & Professional Women’s Association

“One important aspect where this book differs from others written on innovation, is that it brings together the different stages of the innovation journey (process) with the different mindsets (people) that are required at each stage if we are to succeed.  Structured around her Six ‘I’s® Model – which readers are invited to complete – the book is full of tips, tools and further reading. It should indeed convince everyone that they can indeed contribute to innovation.”

Dr Bettina von Stamm, Innovation Philosopher, Story Teller, Catalyst; Innovation Leadership Forum and author of Managing Innovation, Design and Creativity

“Yes, you can INNOVATE’ is a must-have book for every HR and OD professional, leader of teams and business coach and for everyone who knows that innovation has long ceased to be the work of only a few. In today’s day and age, being able to innovate is table-stakes for a successful organisation, a great career and for a fulfilled life….it offers a multitude of ideas and activities for individuals and teams to embrace the mindsets to innovate and to strengthen their capabilities …You will not only read this book once, it will be a great companion for a long time!”

Monika Steimle, Director People Strategy, SAPIENT RAZORFISH

“If innovation is key to your strategy, read “Yes, You can Innovate!” It not only provides a single model for innovation management but shows how important people are to be generating and making new ideas happen and gives practical ideas for how to engage them in the innovation process. An insightful read that will complement any organisation’s programme for growth.”

Danny Wootton, MOD – Head of Innovation, ISS, Ministry of Defence

“One of the aspects that separates this book from others is the inclusion of an assessment tool which is very useful for putting together or evaluating current teams embarking on a journey of innovation through the six steps of the Model.  If you deal with any kind of business development or innovation this is a book that is worth reading and using.”

Michael Meyer, Director of People & Communications, Asia LEO Pharma

“Yes, You Can Innovate is an easy to read set of practical tools and tips which can be used to help you innovate, and, as a Founder and owner of an SME, helps me as a leader to support my staff to value the importance of innovation. I highly recommend it if you want to start, or continue your innovation journey.”

Gabriel Helmy, CEO and Founder, The Capacity Specialists

“At last here is a book that is truly practical and easy to follow and with ideas that are time-tested and wonderfully illustrated. Natalie’s 6 ‘I’s® are complemented by her 6 ‘C’s™: together they make for REAL Innovation. A must read for all who want to know what innovation is and how it can be realised.”

Dr Kirpal Singh, author of THINKING HATS & COLOURED TURBANS: Creativity Across Cultures. Chief Academic Officer, Training Vision Institute

About The Book


  • IDENTIFY opportunities by understanding trends, patterns and future areas of growth
  • IGNITE ideas by creating novel solutions
  • INVESTIGATE by prototyping, testing and researching ideas
  • INVEST by having the courage to create business models and persuade others
  • IMPLEMENT by making an idea happen and creating value from it
  • IMPROVE by optimising your ideas and learning from success and failure

Whether you work for an organisation or are an entrepreneur, each chapter will equip you with a practical toolkit containing examples, activities and resources to help you build and improve your innovation skills.

About The Author

Natalie Turner is the Founder of the Entheo Network and has worked for and consulted with some of the world’s leading organisations including LEO Pharma Asia, Kellogg’s, Singapore Airlines and Cisco Systems, helping them build innovation systems, culture and capabilities as well as generating new ideas to help them grow their teams and businesses.

Natalie is an experienced consultant, facilitator and trainer with over twenty-five years of experience in professional services, corporate innovation and entrepreneurship. Natalie is the inventor of The Six ‘I’s® of Innovation, a PEOPLE and PURPOSE driven methodology that blends the principles of design thinking with organisational development, and a unique innovation strengths assessment for individuals and teams. She is also an international Keynote speaker on innovation and PURPOSE based leadership. Watch Natalie speak on the subject of PURPOSE in the age of digital disruption at the Asia Professional Speaker’s Convention. Natalie is a contributing author to the book Unleash Your Voice: Powerful Speaking for Every Woman and Founder of Women who Lead, a retreat and coaching service for female leaders. From the UK, Natalie lives in Malaysia, works out of Singapore and travels the world extensively, inspiring people to live on PURPOSE and reach their innovation potential.

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